Speed Reading

Obstacles to speed reading:

1. Lack of education – lack of knowledge that speed reading is possible. 

2. Lack of focus – if you’re reading too slow, your brain gets bored and distracted so starts to lose focus. 

3. Subvocalization – when the inner voice repeats words, this slows down so reading speed becomes same speed as talking = slowed down even more. But 95% of words we read we already know by sight. 

4. Regression – back skipping words. 20-30% of time spent on average is done re-reading words. 



1. Use your left fore-finger to trace lines as you read – prevents regression. Right side of brain we want to get engaged to experience more of the material – so you  left finger (brain-body and body-brain connection). Note – only go as fast as you can comprehend. Try to speed up more and more after time. Eventually this will become second nature – keep practicing and teach it to others!!

Test yourself:

1. Practice original reading and see how many lines you can read in 1 minute.

2. Then time yourself for 1 minute with using your left finger to trace each line as you read. 


Speed Retention for Reading

1. Focus on the chapter titles and find the key themes for each chapter. It’s all about collecting the data. 

2. Find the questions & the answers. 




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