Countercultural Humility

Practical ways to live counter-cultural humility:

1. Do not let anyone know about something good you did. 

– You can’t look for praise from others. Only God.

2. Do not make excuses.

– Even when you have a perfectly legitimate excuse.

3. Do not force your opinion but do it someone else’s way.

– Even when your way looks much better.

4. Accept false accusations. 

– Even when you are not guilty of the accusation.

5. Perfect obedience to superiors and parents.

– Even when you think you know better.

6. Weekly confession

– Along with nightly examination of conscience

7. Seek and receive correction from others.

– respond, “thank you for caring enough to share that with me, let me pray about it and get back to you.”

8. Pray for it!

Litany of humility & Other prayers for humility


  1. Wendy Ong says:

    Thanks Richard for sharing these practical tips, pray that i will be able to put them into practice by the grace of GOD.
    ~ wendy

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