Fr. Bill Casey – Spiritual Combat Talks

Fr. Casey – Talk 1 – We are in Battle!


Fr. Casey – Talk 2 – The Devil: Liar and Murderer


Fr. Casey – Talk 3 – Spiritual Battle of our Time: Against All Odds


Fr. Casey – Talk 4 – Spiritual Battle of our Time: Our Lady’s Role


Fr. Casey – Talk 5 – Spiritual Battle of our Time: Sports – Our New Idolatry



Mt 10:34
Take up your cross
Must love father and mother more than you


CS Lewis screwtape letters —

60million abortions worldwide a year.

400 million babies aborted since China adopted 1 child-policy.

Chemically snuffed out by abortifacents only God knows.

Suicide has risen 300% over last 15 years.

1 of every 4 teenage girls in North America has at least 1 STD.

1 thing to lose a loved one in time, another thing for eternity.

There are the missing.

The culture of Death.

Christophobia – the last hatred that’s acceptable and fashionable. (article explained minute 2)

Scripture, lives of saints, are loaded with military terminology (minute 6) war and battle more than 400 times, jesus said i came not to bring peace but a sword, gospel is a two edged sword.

st paul – eph 6:11 – put on the armor of God. hold faith as a shield. stop arrows of the evil one.

st therese –

the toughest opponent is the one you see in the mirror every morning.

st philip neri – lord beware of philip today.

solider wages war in natural order, we wage war in supernatural order, by virtue of confirmation we are soldiers of christ. and that’s not just a guy thing. mother angelica – tenacious.

mother teresa – solider for christ. speech in Russia. stop stop. no i do not speak russain but the holy spirit does. minute 12


JP2 – Minute 13 –

not 1 person in a thousand seems to know it’s going on. this is a real war with real causalities.

CCC407 – Hard battle –

** Fr. John Harden – we are now engaged in global conflict – minute 19. only heroic bishops. only heroic children will remain catholics. the sources are available! prayer sacraments, name of Jesus. most critical century is christian history. ** find full quote


we live in a poisonous environment – [1] secularism – takes out God . separation of Church and state. min 23.  [2] rationalism – the dictatorship of relativist – get Cardinal Ratzinger quote and look on Chris Stefanik.   [3] Subjectivism or radical individualism –   [4] pragmatism – we need to change or alter our eternal truth. compromise = dire consequences. compromise – confusion – corruption – collapse.   [5] materialism or radical consumerism – acquire more and more goods is only way to be happy.   [6] hedonism – pleasure is life’s greatest good. suffering and sacrifice to be avoided at all costs.  many more…….

taken in total = The New Paganism – it’s all about me. Richard-ism. = Paganism = idolatry = worship of the self. the philosophy that drives the culture of death. leads to weak faith. associated with the word “but”

i’m a catholic but…

the new triune God = I, me, myself

These obstacles can be overcome – nothing is impossible with God. where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. min 32.  and to those who think the church is finished… we have been burying our undertakers for 2000 years.

You have a personal responsibility. Holy life = most effective witness.

God wants you to get involved. God wants you to get involved in your own sphere of influence. We all have power. min 34

All the faithful – don’t be a backseat Christian.

This is NOT just a battle for priests and religious


Witnesses for Christ are the saints.

[1] Padre Pio – min 43. Padre Pio runs after nun who stole rosary. go back home and start making your own relics. you’re called to be a saint.

[2] Max Kolbe

[3] Mother Teresa


[1] Know the Truth – know your faith. take the time and effort to know the fullness of truth. don’t be a baby! you can’t give what you haven’t got.

[2] be a joyful person – Christian joy – important part of your witness to the world. people need to see there is something good happening in your life b/c practice of your faith.DO

[3] Don’t take part is u, slander, rash min 38

[4] speak up – make a fraternal correction, do it in charity, but DO IT.

[5] Write letters to editors of newspapers who bash the faith.

[6] pray for apostolic zeal

if you annoy people, blessed be the Lord!!


Who and what the opposition is?

How many times have you heard a sunday homily on the devil?

Whether you know it or not, we are at war!

Our battle is against the leader and author of all terror – the culture of death!

1 Pet – opponent devil prowling like a roaring life
St Paul – our battle is not against flesh and blood…
St. JP2 – now greatest battle ever.

Now it seems not even 1 person in a thousand seems to know its going on, or even care less.

Tucker Max culture

Far side cartoons about the devil min 4

The world makes a joke out of this… but our eternal salvation and destiny is not a laughing matter.

God will never take away our free will – you choose mortal sin .

Fulton Sheen on the devil – min 6:30 – I am who am not


Devil loves the cartoon character idea –

Lucifer –

What does the Church teach?

CCC391 – Seductive voice opposed to God.

God permits the Devil’s activity for our sanctification – Devil’s activity is temptation.

3 sources of temptation
[1] world
[2] flesh
[3] devil

The devil can’t make you – he can only tempt you.

St Basil the Great – min 14 –

St. Augustine – min 14:40 – devil tempts you.

St. Leo – min 15 – virtue is nothing without trial of temptation

St. John Vianney – min 15 – greatest of all evils not to be tempted

St. Teresa of Avila – satan has no need to tempt the disobedient.

St. Max – modern times dominated by the devil.

Satan tempted our Lord in the desert. All these have been given to me. kingdoms of the world were given over to him, not given by God but by sinful men.

Satan’s military strategy –


Know his strategies, his approach, his plan of attack. Always concentrated upon the Church and the priesthood.

Subject title – strike the shepherd scatter the sheep.   the priest is a marked man. Min 17, Must pray for priests! fervently!

devil making more converts .

Subject – strategy always the same – divide and conquer. dia-boline = rent apart
[1] violence
[2] nudity
[3] division

Devil knows his time is short so he’s on a rampage.

people are always looking for a thrill – something exciting, shocking.

Sam Kinnison example – min 21.   Gal 6:7 – God will not be mocked.

** GK Chesterton – min 27 – daily newspaper most undeniable proof of sin.

if you don’t believe in the devil, you can in the works that he does. (same with Jesus).
9-11. if you don’t believe him then, then you don’t get it.

Father of lies – we are awash in the sea of lies today. you gotta be free. do your own thing! whatever turns you on. don’t listen to the Church. look at the scandals. you’re a good person. why should you change?

** the devil will make you think he is your best friend when tempting. then when you fall into sin. he’s your accuser!! now you’ve done it! it’s over. no hope for you. no turning back now. game over.

Fulton Sheen – Church always handed over to the enemy from within.

don’t ever think your sins are bigger than the mercy of God.

** don’t compromise!!!! you play with fire you get burnt

** you are facing an enemy who hates you with a burning passion. He has 1 objective in mind. make you a slave to sin. get you and your family in hell forever. satan is an adversary. an enemy of God and all that is good.

** Powerful allies
[1] Our Blessed Mother – min 44 – only creature the devil fears. holy rosary his weapon.
[2] saints
[3] Holy Spirit dwelling in our souls – wants to give you strength hope faith love…etc.
[4] Holy Church – The gates of hell will NOT prevail. Doctrinal and moral teachings will never change.

you will see 1 of 2 faces at the end of your life – Fulton Sheen quote – all MINE


Talk 3

The spiritual battle is turning into the spiritual massacre.

God has been driven out of public life, public schools, courts, law, medicine, news, entertainment, media, economics, everything.

The false god = money, sex, technology.

We are living in an age of apostasy.

Constant public attack on Christianity. Unprecedented attack on religious liberty.

56 million abortions since Roe vs. Wade

Separation of Church and State now becoming separation of God and life. Or suppression of Church by the State.

History will repeat itself. When true God driven out. All hell will break loose.

Families are under super-human attack and super-human pressures. Beyond human power alone to survive. Only heroic families will survive.

School shootings – no one looking at the morality issue.

[1] Jesus promised to be with His Church until the end of time. Not only spiritually, not only through the presence of the Holy Spirit in the sacraments and through sanctifying grace, but through the real presence in the Holy Eucharist. The gates of hell will not prevail! You can be sure he said this b/c the gates of hell will try to prevail.

The greatest love of all is the concern for your neighbors salvation. Love your neighbor hate their sin.

If you want to win in spiritual combat, you need to have the right weapons!



Talk 4

The saints believe that Mary’s requests will never be refused by God b/c she never refused anything God asked her.

“Before the hand of God comes down upon the world, it come down upon the Church” – Fulton Sheen

Why do we hear so many reports of our Blessed Mother appearing?

Our Lady is the prophetess of our time, her love never grows cold, she never abandons her children, she will rush to her children when they are in danger.

Today our Lady is calling upon us to be a great force of prayer and reparation in the world – she has given us a weapon – that weapon is the Holy Rosary.

Sr. Jactina – no problem that cannot be solved with the rosary.



Talk 5

Life on earth is a contest – the outcome of this contest will determine where we will be forever. there will be heroes losers, champs chumps. There will be the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Life is a contest for your soul. “The opponent your devil is prowling like a lion looking for someone to devour” The devil has a bounty on you.

“If you don’t play with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm” – Vince Lombardi, a daily communicant and devout Catholic

Steve Bartman, Cubs fan caught foul ball, ended up getting death threats for ruining the game.

How is Tim Tebow the most polarizing person in professional sports? Because he is an actual Christian! He was caught in the act of being a Christian.

Would you be convicted of being a Christian?

Sports arenas have become the neo-pagan temples of our time.

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