Contemplation by Fr. Thomas Dubay


Deep prayer life – all of us want it, few of us have it.

So what’s the main problem if you don’t have a deep prayer life?

Most people by far would say that they don’t have a deep prayer life is because they do not have the right method or technique. What do you have to do?

But, if our main problem is not technique and approach, what is the problem?

[1] Scripture does not say a single word about methods to pray or methods of contemplation.

[2] God is not to be manipulated, even by excellent techniques.

[3] Our contemplation is a love affair before it’s anything. Techniques are secondary at best in love matters.

St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila – our two best saints on prayer life – say nothing about technique or methods of prayer.

The main ingredient on growing in prayer – to live the gospel totally.

So what does the Bible say about growing in prayer?

[1] We are to be living in a loving community – if we are not loving one another, we won’t have a prayer life. Matthew 5:23-24.

[2] We’ve got to solve the problem about noise. Overstimulation of noise. The multiplication of stimuli kills the receptivity of the soul. Advancing contemplation is infused, given by God. Therefore, we must be receptive. People that throw themselves into watching TV, you will seldom find themselves in the chapel. Their receptivity has been killed. God does not force His voice above other voices.

[3] Detachment from selfish clingings – tremendous amount of clingings to things for themselves other than for God. The seeds that fell into thorns and were choked by the worries, riches, and pleasures in life. They are smothered by good things. Clinging to them for their own sakes. There has to be a universal surrender in order to be his disciple.

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