Jim Caviezel – hall of fame speech

Your name may not appear down here in this world’s hall of fame, in fact you may be so a no-neck no one knows your name, the Oscars and the praise may never come your way, but don’t forget GOD has rewards He will hand out some day, this crowd on earth will soon forget when you’re on the top, they will cheer like mad until you fall and then their praise will stop, not GOD He never does forget, and in His Hall of Fame by just believing on His Son forever there’s your name. I tell you friend, I wouldn’t trade my name however small, it’s written there beyond the stars in that celestial hall, for all the famous names on earth, or the glory that they share, I’d rather be an unknown here and have my name up there!” – Jim Caviezel


  1. Beautiful inspiring speech

  2. i loved it and im muslim

  3. Justin Mathew says:

    Very touching lines

  4. I just watched his entire interview, which he ended with this poem. Very powerful indeed.
    Thank you for posting it.
    God bless

  5. I just watched an entire interview of Jim Caviezel which was very inspiring. He went through so much to do the Passion of Christ. At the end he encouraged us to Love one another as Christ has loved us, which is exactly what we are reviewing in church this week. Also, he quoted this poem at the end. I was about to share it but “Something” said look it up. It’s actually a poem by Coach Wooden, or so it was referenced by another poet in 2011. Ironically, Coach Wooden’s name is forgotten as his poem (about not having fame down here) is promoted forward. If anyone wants to see it in it’s original, here it is.

    Poem by Coach Wooden

    Your name may not appear down here,

    In this world’s hall of fame,

    In fact you may be so unknown,

    That no one knows your name!

    The Oscars here may pass you by

    And neon lights of blue,

    But if you love and serve the Lord,

    Then I have news for you.

    This hall of fame is only good

    As long as ‘time’ shall be,

    But keep in mind, God’s Hall of fame,

    Is for all eternity!

    To have your name inscribed up there

    Is greater yet by far,

    Than all the Halls of Fame down here

    And every man-made star.

    This crowd on earth may soon forget

    The heroes of the past,

    They cheer like mad until you fall,

    And that’s how long you last.

    But God, He never does forget,

    And in His Hall of Fame

    By just believing in his Son,

    Inscribed, you’ll find your name.

    I tell you, friend, I wouldn’t trade

    My name however small,

    That written there beyond the stars

    In that celestial hall,

    For any famous name on earth

    Or glory that they share;

    I’d rather be unknown down here,

    And have my name up there.

  6. Thank you, Al, for posting the original author’s name. It’s a shame Jim Caviezel didn’t give him credit.

  7. Actually, poem is credited to GOD….author is ‘unknown’ (kept that way)… though many have recited it, and/or quoted from it…no one who has recited it has claimed to author it…(as yet)…

  8. Praise to The Most High God!

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