Theology of the Body – Christopher West

Theology = the study of God
Theology of the body = the study of the Word made flesh. It’s a bold compelling biblical proclamation to one and all. Over 1,043 verses of scripture used.

What makes our bodies a study of God?  – spirit and matter united in the Word made flesh. This is at the heart of Christianity.

The idea that our body is evil is a lie and it keeps us from the love we truly desire. Why can’t Mick Jagger get no satisfaction?  When the banquet is not proclaimed, we go to the dumpster.  Our failure to understand the theology of the body is why porn flourishes.  The hunger is good.  The enemy does not want us to know the theology of the body. The enemy tells us puritanism = spirit good, body bad. Hugh Hefner went from repression of all things sexual to the indulgence. We need to go to the redemption of all things sexual.  Same sex attraction – your body is the revelation of the deepest truth of your person and identity. and since your body is oriented towards the opposite sex, clearly, then so is the deepest reality of your soul. it’s sin that blinds us to it.

A shift from “thou shall not” to “come and rejoice in the banquet”.  God has a banquet that truly satisfies our hunger. People are craving for the banquet. The eternal invisible love has been made visible in Jesus Christ. God’s mystery has been made visible in the flesh.  The body is the meant for the Lord and the Lord is meant for the body – St Paul.  The union of man and woman is a sign pointing to the ultimate marriage in heaven.  Husbands are supposed to love wives as Christ loved the Church. Christ loved the Church with a perfect love (eros and agape). God and God alone is the ultimate fulfillment. Christ ascended bodily into heaven = the divination of the body.  Jesus still has his body and wounds.

Not only does God love us, not only does he want to marry us, God wants to fill the bride with divine life and conceive us with eternal life. A jewish girl gave her marriage proposal to heaven so totally that she literally conceived divine life in her womb. Theology of the body. The mystery is revealed through the sexuality.

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