St. Francis Borgia’s holy indifference

Late one night St. Francis Borgia arrived unexpectedly at a Jesuit house, in a snowstorm. He knocked and knocked on the door, but all to no purpose because the community being asleep, no one heard him. When morning came all were embarrassed for the discomfort he had experienced by having had to spend the night in the open. The saint, however, said he had enjoyed the greatest consolation during those long hours of the night by imagining that he saw our Lord up in the sky dropping the snowflakes down upon him.

May we always avoid indicating any opposition to God’s will in any events that come our way. Those who love God are always happy because their whole happiness is to fulfill, even in adversity, the will of God. He who unites his will to God’s experiences a full & lasting joy because no one can prevent God’s will from happening. Like St. Francis Borgia, may we always use our energy to serve God in the way He wishes.


  1. Monica Conlin says:

    🙂 xo

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