Cultivate a holy indifference to all but God’s good pleasure

The indifferent heart “loves tribulation as much as consolation, although the latter is more agreeable in itself. It has even greater love for tribulation, because it sees in it nothing to be loved except the mark of God’s will. If I like only pure water, what does it matter to me whether it is served in a goblet of gold or in one of glass, since in either case I drink only the water? In fact, I will prefer it in the glass, since the glass has the same color as the water, which I can thus see much better. What does it matter whether God’s will is offered to me in tribulation or in consolation? In each of them, I neither desire nor seek anything except the divine will, which is better seen, because no other beauty is present there but that of God’s most holy, eternal good pleasure” – St. Francis de Sales

What an amazing view on the will of God, on accepting what comes our way, on trying to understand why we face certain obstacles in life, on the real desires in life. A holy indifference loves nothing except for the love of God’s will.

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