Catholic Apologetics: Abortion Summary 

How to Defend Your Pro-Life Views in 5 Minutes or Less by Scott Klusendorf

The Hard Cases Objection: Does Rape Justify Abortion? by Scott Klusendorf


Crescendo Short Film – 15 minutes

When does life begin? by Trent Horn – 5 minutes

Why Is Abortion Non-Negotiable? by Tim Staples – 7 minutes

Arguments Against Late-Term Abortion by Trent Horn – 4 minutes

Conception to birth: visual documentary by Alexander Tsiaras – 9 minutes

“Ethics at the Edge of Life: Clear Christian Thinking on the Most Troubling Bio-Ethical Issues” by Scott Klusendorf – 46 minutes



  1. great topic! we should appreciate all things in life because God created humans for us to live and to take care all his creations. we must not tolerate abortion because it’s an immoral sin. The videos were great! they really show the importance of life.

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