Metaphysics                                     Ethics                     Philosophy & Science

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A Scholastic List of Definitions for Philosophical Terms

Why do Priests need Philosophy? by Fr. James Schall, SJ

What is philosophy? by Teach Philosophy – 17 min

Atheism and Philosophy by Fr. Robert Barron – 11 minutes

Intro to Philosophy: Augustine, On Free Choice of the Will, book 1 – by Greg Sadler 42 minutes

Intro to Philosophy: Augustine, On Free Choice of the Will, bk. 2 -by Greg Sadler 1 hour 5 minutes

Introduction to Epistemology  by Academy of Ideas – 11 minutes 

Introduction to Nihilism  by Academy of Ideas – 14 minutes 

Introduction to Existentialism  by Academy of Ideas – 11 minutes 

Introduction to Kierkegaard: The Existential Problem  by Academy of Ideas – 14 minutes

Introduction to Stoicism  by Academy of Ideas – 11 minutes 

Bertrand Russell: A History of Western Philosophy – Catholic Philosophy – Full audiobook – 7 hours 30 minutes

Natural Law, Conscience, and the New Evangelization by Dr. J. Budziszewski – 1 hour

Kierkegaard on Faith and Reason by Dr. Merold Westphal

Fides et Ratio by Pope St. John Paul the Second – with my notes

Peter Kreeft – Faith and Reason – The Philosophy of Religion by Peter Kreeft

Relativism and the Antichrist by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Conscience and Truth by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

“Aquinas on Faith and Reason” by Dr. William Murnion – 53 minutes

“Aquinas and Why the New Atheists are Right” by Fr. Robert Barron – 1 hour 20 minutes

How to Win the Culture War by Peter Kreeft – 47 minutes

Peter Kreeft’s Recommended Philosophy Books @ Brandon Vogt’s website

“Seeking and Responding to Truth” by Dr. Peter Kreeft – 1 hour 36 minutes

The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence of Belief by Francis Collins – 1 hour 33 minutes

“Augustinian Christian Philosophy” by Alvin Plantinga – 55 minutes



What’s Philosophy Got to Do with It? by Peter Kreeft on Catholic Answers 1 hour


Websites: – great summaries of important philosophical books. – Reason, Faith, Atheism, Dialogue. – Philosophy, Theology.  – Metaphysics, Philosophy, Atheism.

Jonathan Prejean’s Crimson Catholic:

Dr Michael Liccione’s Sacramentum Vitae:

Dr Scott Carson’s Examined Life:


Orthodoxy by GK Chesterton


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