My notes on the sacrifice of the Mass

How does a Roman execution get changed into the supreme sacrifice of all time?

The only way to unpack this mystery on Good Friday is to rewind and understand what happened on Holy Thursday. Jesus transformed the passover of the old with the passover of the new. Jesus deviated from the rubrics. “This is my body… this is my blood of the new covenant… do this is remembrance of me”. Jesus wasn’t just adding new words or a new gesture. He proved what he meant when he gave his body on Good Friday. Jesus indeed poured out his blood for the remission of sins. The passover meal of old always started off with the sacrifice of a lamb. Then it culminated with the sacrificial meal. Jesus comes as the lamb & fulfills the old in the new as the lamb who dies as the sacrifice. If the eucharist on the Thursday was just a meal, then on Friday it was just a roman execution. But if the Holy Thursday meal

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