How Catholics Can Re-Evangelize Our World by Steve Ray

How do we live in this culture today?

How has this world changed so fast? Abortion. Gay “marriage”.

We’ve had a Christian culture in the West for 1700 years. We are now slipping back into paganism. Go into Europe if you want to see what the faith will be like in America in 10-15 years.

How did the early Christians turn the world upside down in the first 300 years? Without even a Bible in their hand?

They did it because they lived a certain kind of life. Most of them were martyrs. They converted people by talking about Jesus and the resurrection.

As the Romans threw their babies over the bridge, Christians waited in the shadows to pick them up and raise them up as their own. When the world sees Catholics saving babies and raising them, the Catholic Church will grow and the world will be reconverted.

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