From Deprivation to Affirmation – What Can you do for Yourself and Others? By Conrad Baars

  1. Be Yourself – be honest with your feelings and opinions. Every unaffirmed person comes to realize that he has gained nothing by trying to be someone other than himself.
  2. Stop hiding or repressing your emotions – recognize that the emotions are good and necessary. Your emotions are one thing, your actions are another. They should be linked by reason and will, not by fear! Every emotion must be felt, accepted, and respected. Only then is reason free to perform its proper function of deciding how to deal most effectively with the cause.
  3. Do not hang on to your fears – especially the fear of hurting other people’s feelings. Jesus always said and did what he knew was right even if it would hurt someone’s feelings. Live dangerously as yourself! Be assertive!
  4. Do not bend over backward to please everyone – unless, of course, you are already a fully mature, freely self-determining person. First, learn to be comfortable with all your emotions and practice to be assertive.
  5. Do not try to make yourself seem more important by putting other people down or needlessly criticizing them.
  6. Be constantly on the lookout for what is good in others.
  7. Stop thinking you are no good.
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