Chroniclers’ History

The Message of Chroniclers’ History

  1. The Temple – the life of the people revolved around the Temple. The object of the Chroniclers’ love and distinct focus of faith. Temple = place for worship of God, NOT where God was contained. A sacred place to seek God, pray the liturgy as a whole people. Babylon showed God could be experienced outside the Temple. YET the overriding priority once they returned from exile. Temple = symbol of public prayer + unified people + organized worship of God + continuity of faith. Christian perspective = Jesus is Temple (Johannine) + we are temple (Pauline + Petrine).
  1. The Law = Ezra & Nehemiah big focus on Law of Moses. Chronicles = written Law = guide for kings & other officials. Law = supreme guide to individual and national life. We see in Chronicles social effect of the Law. Brought Israel together + gave life to a dead people + source of joy and light + showed God is overseeing things… Law of God = God’s view, decree, order. NT = Law fulfilled by love = Law of the Spirit. Law survives the Temple – way Judaism survived.
  1. The Davidic Dynasty  throne of David + Davidic dynasty dominate Chroniclers’ books. Flawless depiction. Abraham’s promises & Moses’ Exodus & Sinai covenant hardly mentioned… YET Ezra and Nehemiah hardly allude to this King… maybe Persian censorship prevented them? YET rebuilding Temple has messianic tones… Zerubbabel is the son of David too and key figure in rebuilding. Dual messiah idea from this to have priestly messiah as well as kingly messiah.
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