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7. Reception

My name is Deacon Richard Conlin and I am currently in my last year of studies at Seminary of Christ the King in Mission, B.C.

I use this website to share my journey and resource the best books, videos, audios, and articles that I have discovered in the Catholic faith.

God bless!


  1. Lisa Bowden says:

    Thank you so much for all the “cliff notes” on your site! So very helpful!

  2. Thanks for your book summaries. They are fantastic. Have you read “Blue Ocean Shift, Beyond Competing”? It would be a good one for you :-)! Cheers and Thanks!

  3. HI Richard,

    I have seen your book summaries and thought of connecting.

    Get in touch if you’d like to interlink to each other.


  4. thank you Richard for your wonderful work. Prayers and blessings

  5. Very good initiative, Richard. Continue this good work. Prayers…

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