27th Sunday Homilies Cycle B

Bishop Barron Homily 27th Sunday Cycle B

treasure trove with regard to human sexuality & marriage.

Catholics are not puritanical with regards to sex – we are not against sex, just the contrary. Christianity at its best has always denied this puritanical philsophy. In itself, nothing wrong with sexual desire, act. Properly handed its a way into the spiritual. How come?

Genesis – God pronounced them all good.

Jesus – husband and wife becomes 1 flesh.

What separates catholic teaching from playboy philosophy? both say they are all good and should be celebrated. its not that former = puritanical.

Hugh Hefner = but that playboy philosophy is turned in on itself. sensual is value for its own sake.

catholic = sexual pleasure properly related to love & finds itself transfigured & elevated through love. beauty of sexuality heightened when connected to love.

God is love. Everything in creation comes from love & returns to love. Our whole life should be related to love. if not, they tend to cave in on themselves in destructive way.

Hookup culture link

“What God has joined together let not man put asunder”

— 3 to get married Fulton Sheen — 1. sex is good ; 2. must be tied to love of other ; 3. must be tied to love of God.

— Aristotle = friends fall in love together with some love that transcends them.

“Let the children come to me” = the fruitfulness of love.

Fr Larry Richards

First time we hear God says it’s not good. The man wasn’t really alone, God was there, but he ended up creating woman, ah that’s good enough — to show us that we were created for each other. All of us need others in our life. Especially men & women.

Synod of Family begins today = perfect timing. tells us why God created us for each other.

Every one in the office except 1 is a woman. We need each other to complement. God created us for each other.

Why does Jesus talk about this today? Well he created us for family.

The Church better never get “up to date with society”

We are a religion of revelation. God tells us the way to be! If the church listens to the world more than God, we are no longer the church. If we listen to the world more than the church, we are no longer Christians.

Pope Francis Homily – indissolubility of marriage. yet we find ourselves with ppl that doesn’t work. Fr. Larry’s mom married 3 times.

None of us have lived up to what God calls us to! We all need mercy. but that doesn’t go against what God has given us, we change how we deal with people who haven’t lived it.

so we must be people of mercy.

If we try to change what God has given us, we create our own religion.

true happiness comes from giving our life away for another.

bombard those in the Synod of the Family with prayer!!!!!!!

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