Peter & the Papacy – Steve Ray

We need to go back 2,000 years and see this through the eyes of 1st century Christians. We need eyes to see.

THE ROCK – In Matthew 16, Jesus brings Peter, James, and John to Cesarea Phillipi for a specific reason (2-3 days journey). Jesus, as a good teacher, used this location to found his Church upon Peter. Simon Peter got it right – he defined Jesus as the Christ. Jesus affirms that Simon received this revelation from heaven. Simon defined Jesus. Then Jesus defined Simon as Peter upon which Jesus will build his Church (the Rock). Jesus spoke in aramaic, using the word “cephas” which has no masculine or feminine tense. Jesus brought them to Cesarea Phillipi – the huge rock (50-100 ft high) where it happened with a huge pit there named Hades where pagan idols were carved into the rock and unholy masses, orgies, and live sacrifices were thrown into the cave (blood coming out of the headwater into river Jordan meant the gods rejected the sacrifice = opposite of Christianity “without the shedding of blood…”). Caves were considered the entrance into hades = the gate into the netherworld. The pagans had built an ivory temple by Herod the Great there for Caesar = the divine lord. So Jesus brought them to one of the most noticeable Pagan places – in-front of a false rock, a false church, and a false god (caesar). Jesus constantly uses images & backdrops to get a point across. Here, we have the true Rock now as Peter, the true Church in Christ, and the true God.  Also, before it was called Caesara Philipi, it was called Paynas – the god of sheep & shepherds. Carved into the rock was an image of Paynas. We also have now the true Shepherd (John 21 – now Peter is given responsibility to tend & feed his sheep) where “tend” and “feed” meant teach, protect, and govern the people of God.


The rock at Caesarea Phillippi

THE KEYS – to bind & loose were common terms used back then (we don’t use them now) – legislative judicial terms. Bind and loose had authority held by scribes & Pharisees to excommunicate. Protestants believe the keys is the gospel. The keys, from Jewish glasses, Isaiah 22 – royal steward of kingdom of Israel had keys (large wooden keys carried over the shoulder) to open and close the gates to the city, keys represented the king, keys = exclusive dominion. The royal steward was only 1 person and was 2nd in authority to the king. In the absence of the king, Peter would replace and pass it down through time – and at the end of time, the Pope will return the keys back to Jesus.   THE CHAIR –  The cathedral of Rome is as St. John latern. The cathedral is just the church with the cathedra (the chair). 3500 years ago – Moses came down with 1. 10 commandments,  2. oral Tradition,  3. teaching authority (magisterium). (Exodus 18 – Moses sat on his cathedra so he had authority to infallibly interpret the scripture).  This 3 legged stool stands by itself – and it has lasted to the time of Christ. Matt 23:2 – Cathedra of Moses – do what they tell you, but don’t do what they do b/c they are hipocrites. The chair of Peter has taken over the chair of Moses. For 3,400 years the people of God have been able to hear from the chair “thus saith the Lord…” Christianity is Jewish – Catholicism is Jewish fulfilled. We have a Jewish messiah, Jewish mother & Jewish apostles.  Sola scriptura is a one legged stool. The papacy is the longest existing institution in the world – teaching without error.   THE HAND – Holy orders and the priesthood – Numbers 27 – Joshua was given power by moses – laying his hand on Joshua’s head – Joshua who passed it onto the Judges… onto Jesus who passed it onto Peter… onto Pope Francis today.   THE SHIP – Jesus put us on a ship to get to the celestial city. Pope is our captain. The crew is the clergy. The eucharist is our food. The showers are confession & sacraments to keep us clean. Protestants jumped ship. Everything good they get was from Catholics. 33,000+ rafts floating around. The closer the rafts are to the ship, they better chance they get to the celestial city.

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