Off Balance by Matthew Kelly

“You cannot separate the personal and professional aspects of an individual’s life… You have one life that has personal and professional aspects, and these aspects have an incredible influence on each other.”

People don’t really need or want balance, people need and want a satisfying experience of life. Both personally and professionally. Times of both intense work and complete detachment from work are part of a deeply satisfying life. Too often we remove both extremes from our lives and rob ourselves of incredible satisfaction. Perfect example is that we tend to vacation with our cell phones and laptops. When we do this, we rob ourselves of the rejuvenation we need to throw ourselves passionately into work again when we return.

Satisfaction is what we are all seeking. Satisfaction, unlike pleasure, can be sustained beyond the activity producing it. If you were given the choice between satisfaction and balance, I choose satisfaction every time. After all, there is no point to having balance if you are not satisfied. And if you have satisfaction and don’t have balance, I guess it turns out you didn’t need it after all.

Success always has required and always will require sacrifice. If success were easy, it would be common. It is difficult and that is why it is rare. More people have the talent than you would think. Few are willing to make the necessary sacrifices.

You are here to become the best version of yourself. This requires the real work of self-discovery. Everything makes sense in relation to this principle. Say yes to the things that help you become the best version of yourself and no to the things that don’t. How is the best way to live? Once you have discovered the best way to start your day, experiment with the best way to end your day.

Energy – knowing how to balance various activities in our life to produce the maximum flow of energy is perhaps the most important skill any of us can learn and develop. Time management is no longer a competitive advantage. The next leap in human excellence will come from energy management. Your experience of life expands with the more energy you have.

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