Understanding Our Sinfulness by Fr. Mark Toups

1st: Pain (wounds may pierce the heart – this pain is the root of sinfulness)

  • ex 1: feeling as if your father rejected you
  • ex 2: your parents divorced at an early age

2nd: Sinfulness (this is the source of the action of sin, sinfulness is connected to attitudes, lies or vows that we cannot break)

  • ex 1: “I don’t have what it takes to be a man”
  • ex 2: “I’m abandoned”

3rd: Sin (the fruit of sinfulness, commission, omission)

  • ex 1: obsessive materialism
  • ex 2: promiscuity


  1. Ask God to reveal your patterns of sin
  2. Ask God to reveal the attitudes, thoughts, or lies feeding those patterns
  3. Ask God to reveal the root of the attitudes
  4. Ask God to show you where he was in the memory
  5. Ask God to reveal the lies you believed
  6. Ask God to reveal the promises you made b/c of the lies
  7. Ask God to reveal the truth


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