The Mystery of Personal Sinfulness by Winoc De Broucker

Commentary on Exercises #s 55-61


  • something more subtle than mortal or venial sin.
  • a question of blindness, forgetfulness of God, a lack of gratitude for past favours, a lack of responsiveness to His divine initiative, the root of my inability to have Him possess me completely.

Only God can reveal our sin to us

  • we should continually be amazed at the impenetrable mystery which surrounds the least fault, and should ask the Lord to reveal the mystery to us.

The disposition of LISTENING contributes more to the progress of our soul than all efforts of introspection

  • We must ask for this grace from God to engender this sinfulness.

Contemplate Jesus dying on the Cross for my sins

  • and ask myself, “What have I done for Christ? What am I doing for Christ? What ought I do for Christ” (Exercises #53).

Examination with God

  • examine our consciences by comparing ourselves with the Divine Persons.


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