“Take Action”: The 3rd Step in Ignatian Discernment

“Rules for becoming aware and understanding to some extent the different movements which are caused in the soul, the good, to receive them, and the bad to reject them” (St. Ignatius).

Discernment of spirits is all about action!

“Everything in discernment of spirits is directed toward action: toward firmly accepting what is of God and equally rejecting what is not. Through (1) spiritual awareness and (2) spiritual interpretation, accurate and decisive spiritual action is made possible” (Gallagher, 25).

The necessity of action

“The life of discernment calls for a person willing to act. Insightful understanding of spiritual realities alone is not enough; the discerning person must be ready to act in accordance with what has been understood” (Gallagher, 25).

“the good, to receive them”


“the bad to reject them”


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