Sunday 15th Week – Year A

Mass Readings

Isaiah 55:10-11—God Gives Seed to the Sower

  • Rain that gives “seed the sower” = “my word” that goes forth; “shall not return empty”

Psalm 65—The Seed that Falls on Good Ground yields a Fruitful Harvest

  • The Lord “visits” the earth and “waters it”; makes it fruitful (vv. 9-13).
  • Rain was a reason for great joy back in Jesus’ time because they were so dependent upon their own crops for food.

Romans 8:18-23—Creation Itself will Be Set Free

  • “Creation itself”: “longing” for the “revealing” (Greek apokalypsis) of the sons of God.

Matthew 13:1-23—The Parable of the Sower (Beginning of Parables Discourse)

  • CCC 2707. We must develop the desire to meditate regularly on Scripture or else we’ll be bad soil for God’s Word.
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