Structure of the Book of Revelation

Prologue: 1:1–3

Letters to the Seven Churches: 1:4–3:22

Opening Formula with attached praise, promise, and divine response (1:4–8)

Inaugural Vision (1:9–20)

Seven Letters (2:1–3:22)

Part I of the Revelatory Experience: 4:1–11:19

Visions of the Heavenly Court: The One Enthroned and the Lamb (4:1–5:14)

Seven Seals (6:1–8:1)

Seven Trumpets (8:2–11:19)

Part II of the Revelatory Experience: 12:1–22:5

Visions of the Dragon, the Beasts, and the Lamb (12:1–14:20)

Seven Plagues and Seven Bowls (15:1–16:21)

Judgment of Babylon, the Great Harlot (17:1–19:10)

Victory of Christ and the End of History (19:11–22:5)

Epilogue (with Concluding Blessing): 22:6–21.

Brown, R. E. (1997). An introduction to the New Testament (p. 774). New York: Doubleday.

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