Structure of the Book of Revelation by Giancarlo Biguzzi

1:1-3 – title and initial blessing

1:4-8 – epistolary beginning


First Part: Christ and the Churches of Asia

1:9-20 – initial Christophany on the day of the Lord

2:1-3:22 – Messages to the 7 churches (1st heptad)


Second Part: the Plan and Action of God in History

  1. The cycle of the scroll or the revelation of the Lamb

4:1-5:14 – initial vision: the throne, the scroll, and the Lamb

6:1-8:1 – the Lamb opens the seals on the scroll (2nd heptad)


  1. The cycle of the remedial intervention against the two idolatries

8:2-11:19 – The plagues against traditional idolatry (3rd heptad)

[Rev 10: John is accredited to prophesy against nations and kings]

[Rev 11: the two witnesses who prophesy and are killed by the Beast]

12:1-13:18 – the Dragon, the two Beasts, and the idolatry of the Beast

14:1-16:21 – the plagues against the idolatry of the Beast (4th heptad)


  1. The cycle of the condemnatory-eschatological intervention of God

17:1-21:8 – Judgment of Babylon, of the two Beasts, of the Dragon, and of Death

21:9-22:5 – Regeneration and new Jerusalem

22:6-21 – Epistolary conclusion

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