Spiritual Senses by Fr. James Rafferty

The following are some points I took for his article:

Spiritual senses:

  • help discern what is of God
  • protect human heart from deception & error.
  • help to purify human senses = full reintegrate the human person.
  • help to see God in all things.
  • fosters a profound union with Christ in the whole of the Christian’s personality.


Incarnational structure of prayer:

  • God’s transcendence and God’s immanence converge in the spiritual senses.
  • the real specific object of each spiritual sense of the human heart is first and last the Incarnate Word of God.
  • The theology of the spiritual senses is rooted in the Incarnation.
  • The perception of Jesus Christ through the spiritual senses under the Holy Spirit’s illumination is already the Resurrection at work in the believer.

Affective contemplation:

  • The application of the senses translates salvation history into the “present tense” and engenders a personal, affectionate familiarity with Christ.
  • Cultivates holy affections which impel the will toward divine ends.



  • Apply senses to contemplative exercises with Scripture (makes it present to us).
  • Try using senses more in prayer.
  • Be open to the Holy Spirit.
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