“From Mortal Sin to Mortal Sin” by St. Ignatius

“mortal sin”

  1. Grave sin – in contrast to venial sin. Strict interpretation. Thus, for example, in the Exercises persons pray for “a sense of shame and confusion, seeing how many have been condemned eternally for a single mortal sin” (SpirEx 48), whereas God’s mercy has spared them from a similar fate.
  2. Capital sin – 7 capital sinful tendencies. Broad interpretation. Ignatius invites persons to examine themselves on “the ten commandments and the seven mortal sins” (SpirEx 238).

Both interpretations are possible.

Fr. Gallagher prefers the 1st interpretation.

  1. Because Rule 1 & Rule 2 are the basic groundwork for the discernment of spirits.
  2. Because the tactics of the enemy for those in Rule 1 are ordered toward sensual delights & pleasures rather than a broad approach of more of the capital sins.
  3. The intensity of those in Rule 2 suggests likewise intensity of those in Rule 1.

For those are commit venial sins, Rule 9 sheds more light on how the good spirits acts.

  • Rule #9: Why Does God Allow Spiritual Desolation? (click here)
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