False Consolation: An Advanced Form of Desolation

False consolation = the experience of being drawn to feelings, thoughts and motivations that look good and holy at first (you think you are in consolation) but that ultimately lead to actions to which God is NOT calling that person, or NOT calling that person to at that time.

A good Christian might be in false consolation when he is attracted to something holy that happens to be:

    • the wrong mission for this particular reason
    • the right mission but the wrong timing
    • the right mission but with the wrong method, emphasis, or degree of involvement.

Example = Jesus resisting to make bread in Matthew 4 (source = false spirit) VS. choosing to make bread in Matthew 14 (source = true spirit).

  • “Every day you have to say yes. Total surrender! To be where He wants you to be… If God wants you to be in a palace, alright… accept to be in the palace” ~ Mother Teresa
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