Excerpt: The importance of the senses and the emotions in spirituality in Behold the Pierced One by Ratzinger

“The liturgy itself can only be celebrated properly if it is prepared for, and accompanied by, that meditative “abiding” in which the heart begins to see and to understand, drawing the senses too into its beholding…man needs to see, he needs this kind of silent beholding which becomes a touching, if he is to become aware of the mysteries of God.” (p.55). 

A theology of corporality based on the Incarnation is an apologia for the heart, the senses and emotions – precisely in the realm of spirituality – focused on the Heart of Jesus. We need a spirituality of the heart.

  • “you only see properly with your heart” ~ Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince
  • “love is the eye, and to love is to see” ~ Richard of St. Victor


  • Engage senses in prayer.
  • Meditate on human suffering of God.
  • Develop a devotion to the Sacred Heart.

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