Dryness and spiritual desolation by St. Ignatius

Dryness – although not mentioned in these Rules, St. Ignatius, in his Directory, mentions dryness of affect, as opposed to the tears experienced in spiritual consolation, as a quality of spiritual desolation.

Reasons for dryness – all of these are on the non-spiritual level:

  1. A lack of formation in prayer – try to pray but not aware of the methods the saints use.
  2. Negligence in prayer life.
  3. Physical and emotional depletion causes a sense of dryness in prayer.
  4. Inconsistency between a person’s prayer and life – contrary behaviours to the Gospel make a person feel dry.
  5. Sharing burdens with God and prayer and awaiting responses.
  6. Solid growth in prayer can cause dryness – God is calling a person to a more simplified form of prayer.

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