Christ the King Homilies – Year B

Fr. Barron – Christ the King Homily

Jesus is the King of the totality of my life. We should belong so utterly to him so that it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me (Gal 2:20). If we say anything less than this, we are not taking Christianity seriously.

CS Lewis – a lot of us will receive Christ in the drawing room, but not every room of our life.

If Jesus is King, He is Lord over everything.

Let’s get concrete on this.

1. What does it mean to say that Jesus is King of your family life & sex life?

JP2 — You must treat every family member as an ends, not as a means. you never use anyone in your family. A lot of the problems in family life comes from this. Brothers & sisters using each other as means to an end. Parents manipulating children.

JP2 said there can be rape even within a marriage = treating your spouse as a means & not as an end.

Husband & wives should be generous to the # of children they bring into the world. Your default position should be one of generosity. Paul VI = Humanae Vitae. Be fruitful and multiply = A fruitful linkage to God.

2. What does it mean to say that Jesus is Lord of your professional life?

morally problematic work, well if Christ is King, you can’t be involved with that job.

Christ is Lord of your public & private life.

You should evangelize whenever possible those around you.

Have you shared with your coworkers the joy you’ve found in Christ?

Are you will and able to answer their questions.

3. What does it mean to say that Jesus is King of your personal life?

that everything you do privately you would feel okay if He was right next to you. If not, if that makes you uneasy, he’s not the King of your personal life.

prayer = if you claim that God is your friend, the most important person of your life, then how often do you talk to him? once every 6 months? then he’s not your friend. great prayer = Mass. if Christ is King, Mass is your life.

4. What does it mean to say that Jesus is King of your mind?

that you take time to read seriously about your faith

we are a smart religion

read study & think about Christ.

are you able to defend the Church?

treasures await you

5. What does it mean to say that Jesus is King of your body?

treat body with respect, don’t abuse it, practice temperance, committed to being as physically fit as you can, take resurrection of body seriously.

Don’t think spiritual life is a democracy = Jesus is not a president, He is King!

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