“Can the devil put thoughts into my mind?” by St. Teresa of Avila

Yes, demons can put thoughts in our heads and make suggestions to us.

Here’s the counsel of St. Teresa of Avila:

  • “He showeth great mercy unto him to whom He gives the grace and resolution to strive for this blessing with all his might; for God withholds Himself from no one who perseveres. He will by little and little strengthen that soul, so that it may come forth victorious. I say resolution, because there are so many things the devil puts in the minds of beginners to prevent them from starting out on this path; to keep it back from beginning to travel on this road; for he knoweth what harm will befall him thereby—he will lose not only that soul, but many others also. If he who enters on this road does violence to himself, with the help of God, so as to reach the summit of perfection, such a one, I believe, will never go alone to Heaven; he will always take many with him: God gives to him, as to a good captain, those who shall be of his company” (St. Teresa of Avila, Life, 79-80).

It’s always helpful to remind yourself:

  • “All the thoughts in your head are not yours, and you shouldn’t listen to them” (Dan Burke).

It is common and normative for the enemy to try to influence our thoughts.


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