Background notes for Apostolicam Actuositatem


    • Questionnaires before Council indicated role of laity in various apostolates should be addressed
    • Particular interest in Catholic Action – attempt at organized Catholic activity in the secular world
    • Some other movements that sought to influence people in similar spheres of work
    • These movements, supported by the hierarchy, were viewed w/ suspicion in the English-speaking world
    • Some attempts to incorporate role of laity into other docs like LG
    • Some back-and-forth
    • Refused to reduce the doc to a set of propositions as requested of minor docs
    • Patrick Keegan
      • President of International Catholic Workers Movement
      • Becomes first layman to address the Council
    • Eventually receives fewest negative votes of all docs of the Council: 2
    • Had more speeches by Canadian bishops than Americans
      • Victoria recommended mention of 3 munera of Christ and unity of apostolate between lay and clerics be made more explicit
        • Adopted
      • Quebec brought in modification that lack of clergy is only a secondary reason for the lay apostolate
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