An Exercise in Forgiving Others with Scenes from the Passion of the Christ

Picture yourself there on Calvary hill some 2,000 years ago.

Jesus is hanging on the Cross. He could die any moment. 

You are there. Beside Mary. You are the beloved disciple. You are standing beneath the Cross of Jesus.

Try to call to mind all of the sins of your entire life. Think of all of the sins that you’ve ever confessed. 

See Jesus look up at His heavenly Father, and then down on you and say: “Father, forgive _____ – he did not not know what he was doing.”

Allow yourself to receive this love. Spend time hearing the words again and again if it helps.

Jesus is dying on the Cross… for you. Personally. This is the love of God.

Now, in response is time to renounce all forms of unforgiveness and anger from your heart.

Say out loud: In the name of Jesus, I renounce the sin of anger, and any idolatry of power, control or justice. I renounce all bitterness, unforgiveness, revenge, judgments, and retaliation. I ask for your forgiveness Lord… And in the name of Jesus, I choose instead to live by the virtue of forgiveness.

Now, look at Jesus on the Cross, and ask Him: Jesus, is there anyone I need to forgive? or forgive again? 

If anyone comes to mind, Place them by your side at Calvary between you and Mary.

Allow yourself to feel the pain of how they hurt you. If it helps, speak to Jesus and/or Mary about this pain you felt. Give yourself time to feel this pain.

Now, see Jesus look at this person. Hear Jesus say these words: “Father, forgive ______ – he/she know not what he/she was doing.”

Jesus and Mary now look at you. It’s your turn. Be specific and say out loud, “In the name of Jesus, I forgive _____ for _____.” Name the ways that have hurt you. 

Now, picture the soldier taking the lance and piercing Jesus’ Sacred Heart. The blood and water gush forth from His Heart as rays of divine mercy, washing you both clean. Thank Jesus for having forgiven you both.

Allow yourself and the people who have hurt you to take down the body of Jesus.

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