Advice on Praying the Liturgy of the Hours

“The Liturgy of the Hours is where “we give everything back” in praise, a divine service with the sole occupation of loving. The office is our incarnate participation in the prayer of Jesus himself. The office is a prism allowing the pure light of the Son’s own praise to be channeled through the adopted sons of God. The Psalms are where the entire economy of salvation becomes prayer.  The office is the divine occupation par excellence, the occupation of those who dwell in the kingdom of love transcending individuals and making them one in community” (Jean Corbon, The Wellspring of Worship, 186-7).

“At other times, we need only find a more perfect way of doing what we are already doing: “There are inspirations that tend solely to perfect in an extraordinary way the ordinary things we do in life”.[St Francis de Sales – 15] When Cardinal François-Xavier Nguyên van Thuân was imprisoned, he refused to waste time waiting for the day he would be set free. Instead, he chose “to live the present moment, filling it to the brim with love”. He decided: “I will seize the occasions that present themselves every day; I will accomplish ordinary actions in an extraordinary way”. – Pope Francis, Gaudete et Exsultate 17

“He so loved the volume of his Breviary,” says the Abbe Tailhades, “that as he went to and fro he nearly always carried it under his arm. On my asking him the reason why, he replied: ‘The Breviary is my constant companion; I could not go anywhere without it'” (Cure of Ars by Trochu, 308).

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