6. Clear Expectations by Fr. James Mallon

Clear Expectations
  • A creative tension must exist between clear expectations and a sense of belonging (hospitality and welcoming)
  • Goal = high expectations & high hospitality. Just like Jesus.
  • By holding both values, we are saying, “We believe that God will work in you and work through you; we expect it, and you should, too.”
  • At St. Benedict Parish, they have 1 brochure that outlines what parishioners can expect from the parish & 1 brochure that outlines what the parish can expect of parishioners – this speaks of 5 expectations of parishioners and clergy alike: to worship, to grow, to serve, to connect, and to give.
  • Stewardship model = helps to establish clear expectations.
    • Time = commitment to spiritual growth & discipleship. Talent = serving others. Treasure = financial giving.
    • 3 Stewardship initiatives = (1) Stewardship of Time: September – spiritual growth plan for the liturgical year; (2) Stewardship of Talent: January @ Epiphany: gifts received from God & call to share them with others in ministry; (3) Treasure: financial giving @ May.
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