#3: Holy Candles through Daily Mass with Blessed Carlo Acutis

A third way that we can grow in becoming “holy candles” for Christ like Blessed Carlo Actuis is through devout participation in daily Mass. 

I use the words “devout participation” for a reason. As we learnt in the reflection on becoming “holy candles” for Christ, just showing up to daily Mass will in no way guarantee that you experience the positive effects of God’s fiery love. We need to prepare our hearts and make them soft like wax candles so that our Lord’s light and warmth will transform us into “holy candles” for Him.

With that being said, Blessed Carlo Acutis is a fantastic role model for what it looks like to devoutly participate in daily Mass. 

After receiving his first Holy Communion one year early at the age of 7 on June 16, 1998, (due to a special request Carlo made to the Archbishop of Milan, Pasquale Macchi), Carlo went to Mass every single day up until his death at the age of 16. 

When asked about the importance of daily Mass for her son, Carlo’s mother, Antonia said:

“For Carlo, daily Mass was not just an obligation but a joy. He looked forward to it every day and felt that he couldn’t live without it.”

Even Carlo’s friends were deeply impressed by his love for daily Mass. Mattia Russo, for example, said: 

“Carlo’s love for the Eucharist was contagious. He would often invite his friends to come to Mass with him, and many of them began attending daily Mass as well.”

One of Carlo’s classmates, Marco Greco, who knew that Carlo went to Mass before class every day, said of him: 

“Carlo’s example showed us that attending Mass daily is not just a pious practice, but a way of life. He lived his faith with such joy and enthusiasm that he inspired us all to love Jesus more.” 

Even Carlo’s parish priest, Fr. Riccardo Lombardi, said of him: 

“Carlo’s devotion to daily Mass was an inspiration to all of us. He showed us that the Eucharist is truly the source and summit of our faith.” 

As a “holy candle” for Christ, Blessed Carlo continues to inspire thousands throughout the world as a “voice of hope” in this dark world to rekindle their Eucharistic love and attend daily Mass as the true source and summit of their lives. May we too allow ourselves to be inspired by Blessed Carlo Acutis!

To conclude: What is 1 thing you want to remember from this reflection?

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