2nd Sunday of Advent – Year A – December 4, 2016




Gospel – Matthew 3:1-12

  • John the Baptist provides a lens through which Jesus is properly interpreted.
  • John the Baptist preaches in the desert of Judea – the importance of “desert”
  • “Desert” = place of simplicity & poverty – stripped down to basics – distractions & attachments eliminated – ability to hear to voice of God
  • Much of our life is taken away by distractions to avoid the fundamental questions – set those aside and the really great questions can emerge.
  • We need to find a “desert”
  • Advent = a desert time – pray & fast & simplify life.
  • Holy Spirit = is the winnowing fan that will blow away all that is not of God… when we allow ourselves to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire.
  • John the Baptist went out into the desert to prepare the path for the Messiah – the leap from metaphor to reality = path is NOT made on land but in the heart of every man; it is not built in the desert but in one’s life.
  • How do we straighten a path for the Lord?
  • What hills must be made low? Pride, anger, revenge?
  • What valleys must be filled? Laziness, lack of self-control, apathy?
  • Saint Augustine says, “he who made us without our help, will not save us without our help.”
  • Repentance = changing in us whatever keeps us from saying YES to God’s will.
  • Advent = do we come to prayer, to Mass, expecting someone to speak to us? Are you actually waiting?

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