27th Sunday – Year A


My Thoughts: The parable in today’s Gospel is ultimately about the Father’s broken heart (Abba’s Heart by Neal Lozano general idea). In the 1st reading (27th Sunday Year A), Isaiah says: “What more was there to do for my vineyard that I had not done in it?” (Isaiah 5:1-7). Well, He did more. A lot more! He sent His Son. Jesus reveals the Father’s heart. And this heart is broken. He trusted us. Continually. And we broke His heart.

The Vineyard by Bishop Barron

  • Wild grapes = infidelity of Israel –> this is a steady theme that breaks the hearts of the patriarchs and prophets. Wild grapes = collective sin of the nation.
  • God, like a good parent, allows us to experience the consequences of our infidelity, allows us to feel the effects of our sin.
  • How are we tending the vineyard? Are we responding to the Lord’s invitation with the works of justice, love, peace, chastity, respect? Are we giving good grapes from which the fine wine of the intoxication of the world can be produced? Or are we killing the messengers?
  • Jesus adds building of a tower – gives twist – series of servants.
  • The very one we reject is the one He gives us back for life.
  • One of the most terrible anticipations of the Cross.
  • God has not given up on us. He has turned to sign of defeat into the sign of victory. The very one we rejected has become the source of life.

Brant Pitre

  • Twist in the parable – sending the son – what kind of crazy father would send his own son to a group of such wicked tenants. And the answer is that this is not an ordinary father, and this is not an ordinary son. It’s an allegory here for God the Father sending Jesus, his son, to offer his life, knowing full well he is going to die for the sake of the sins of the world in order to bring in the coming of the kingdom of God.
  • Lumen Gentium 6 – The Church is a piece of land to be cultivated, the tillage of God… That land, like a choice vineyard, has been planted by the heavenly Husbandman. The true vine is Christ who gives life and the power to bear abundant fruit to the branches, that is, to us, who through the Church remain in Christ without whom we can do nothing.
  • We are workers in God’s vineyard – called to do the owner’s will and bear fruit for the kingdom of God.


First Reading Isaiah 5:1-7 Response The vineyard of the Lord is the house of Israel.

Response The vineyard of the Lord is the house of Israel.

Psalm Psalm 80:9, 12, 13-14, 15-16, 19-20 Second Reading Philippians 4:6-9 Gospel Acclamation I have

Second Reading Philippians 4:6-9

“Do not worry about anything” = Paul commands us not to worry.

  • Paul gives us the secret to freedom from anxiety.
  • 1. Prayer
  • 2. Thanksgiving (“Eucharist”) – thankful to God no matter what happens gives you the ability to have a peace not contingent upon circumstances. In this world, not everything happens well. Paul was suffering in prison – and had peace – not a natural one – a peace that passes all understanding – supernatural peace.
  • 3. Think about virtuous things – focus your mind about good things. We are inundated with a tsunami of bad things in the world today. A whole list of opposite virtues. Is it surprising that we have an epidemic of anxiety today.

“How can you know that you are living in God’s will? This is the sign: If you are troubled about anything, that means you are not completely abandoned to God’s will. The one who lives according to God’s will is not troubled about anything. If he needs something, he surrenders it and even himself to the Lord. He places it in his hands. If he does not get what he needs, he remains calm, as though he had received it. He is not afraid, whatever happens, for he knows that it is God’s will. When he is afflicted with illness, he thinks: I need this sickness, otherwise God would not have sent it. He thus preserves peace in body and soul.” – Starets Silvan, quoted in Into Your Hands, Father, by Wilfred Stinissen, 21.

Gospel Matthew 21:33-43

Jesus alluding to OT prophecy.

Twist – What kind of crazy Father would send his own son to the wicked after they killed everyone else??? “they will respect my son” ? really? if you were the owner of a vineyard and the wicked tenants stoned & killed them… would your next step be… hey, i’ll send my son… no, you’re setting your son up for death. what kind of a crazy father would do such a thing?

it’s an allegory – God the Father sending Jesus His Son for death – Jesus only one who was came into this world to die.

  • not an ordinary father
  • not an ordinary son

“The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone”

  • The very one we reject is given back to us as a source of life.
  • Quoting Psalm 118 – famous Jewish psalm: (1) sung during passover that people would chant in celebrating passover.

Homily 2020:

  • World is going corrupt. Coronavirus.
  • Overgrown.
  • Rosary. Answer for our times.
  • Don’t forget – sin is real!

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