25th Sunday – Year A


The Privilege of the Mission by Bishop Barron (2007) – Fantastic homily!


1st Reading – Isaiah 55:6-9
  • “The first reading expresses in drastic language the way in which God’s thoughts surpass human conceptions of what is right and proper: God’s ways exceed human thinking to the same degree as heaven surpasses the earth. Divine thinking and doing are labeled mercy and forgiveness, yet, as grace, they contain in themselves a demand for conversion, a demand that is entirely just when viewed from the perspective of grace” (Balthasar, LW, 129).
  • 1st reading provides a clue to Jesus’ message today about the ways of God’s mercy, forgiveness, steadfast love.
Responsorial Psalm – Psalm 145:2-18
  • Responsorial psalm backs this up. Radical generosity and love.
2nd Reading – Philippians 2:20-27
  • In the second reading, Paul gives us remarkable confirmation of the assertions we have just made… Paul lets God choose what is better for him… carrying out the will of God (Balthasar, LW, 129).
Gospel – Matthew 20:1-16
  • In the parable of the workers in the vineyard, it is important to pay attention to the point being made: that, out of his sovereign generosity, God very well can and constantly does exceed the bounds of distributive justice (Balthasar, LW, 128).
  • Parable all about God’s radical mercy – that is the good news of Christianity.
  • Caution – do not resent God’s lavish mercy!
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