#2: Holy Water through Eucharistic Adoration with Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

A second way that we can become “holy water” for Christ like Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati is through promoting Eucharistic Adoration.

One of the most inspiring stories about Blessed Pier Giorgio’s devotion to the Eucharist is the night he convinced his friends to join him in Eucharistic adoration. During his university days, Pier Giorgio regularly played billiards with a group of friends who had little interest in religious matters or attending Mass. However, Pier Giorgio’s commitment to living like “holy water” for Christ compelled him to invite his friends to experience the abundant life that Jesus offers. He proposed a bet: if any of his friends could beat him at pool that night, he would give them whatever money he had in his pocket. But if Pier Giorgio won, his friends would have to accompany him to Eucharistic adoration that same evening.

Pier Giorgio remained undefeated, and after the game, he led his friends through the streets of Turin to the cathedral where they would spend the evening in Eucharistic adoration. Beforehand, Pier Giorgio had distributed pamphlets to his friends to help them understand how to pray during adoration. While his friends eventually grew tired and fell asleep, Pier Giorgio remained devotedly immersed in adoration. Such was his dedication to spending time with the Eucharistic Lord. Talk about a way to spend an all-nighter in university!

This story is a testament to Pier Giorgio’s deep love for the Eucharist and his willingness to share it with others. Despite the fact that his friends had little interest in religion, he was determined to lead them to a greater understanding and experience of the faith. His example teaches us that we should be bold in inviting others to join us in the practice of our faith, and that we should not be afraid to offer incentives or make compromises in order to help others encounter Christ. Furthermore, Pier Giorgio’s commitment to spending time in adoration even when his friends were not able to fully participate reminds us of the importance of maintaining a personal relationship with the Eucharistic Lord, regardless of others’ level of involvement.

Reflecting upon this experience, one priest from the Turin cathedral, Fr. Tommaso Castagno, recounted: 

“I remember Pier Giorgio well during adoration one night in the Turin cathedral: he was kneeling on the floor trying to pray as other young people were brushing past him as they went to and from Communion.  Melted wax dripped from the candles onto his suit coat, and he didn’t seem to notice it at all, so absorbed was he in his prayers.  Then I understood what Communion and a Eucharistic life meant to him.”

         Pier Giorgio was so convinced about the transformative power of Eucharistic adoration to turn us into “holy water” for Christ that he would frequently do whatever he could to bring his friends and family members to Eucharistic adoration.

One of the signs of authentically living out our total consecration to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is a desire to give whatever time, talent, and treasure you have to bring others to Christ. This is the Sea of Galilee mindset. This is a Eucharistic life. 

Many witnesses have also described the sight of Pier Giorgio receiving the Eucharist.

“I would see Pier Giorgio in church every morning, going to Communion and praying, always kneeling in his pew, so absorbed, so concentrated on what he was doing that I was sure that he wouldn’t have been disturbed if a bee would have stung him. Every time I saw him going to the altar to receive Communion, the thought occurred to me that one day I would like to attain his purity of spirit, so that I could receive the Sacrament with the same enthusiasm and intensity. I noticed how he faithfully spent a long time making his thanksgiving after Holy Communion, praying with such fervour that I was amazed.” – Attilio Amedeo

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