16th Sunday – Year A

1st Reading – Wisdom 12:13, 16-19

Book of Wisdom introduction

In our first reading today the sacred author speaks of God’s merciful discipline of sinners.

2nd Reading – Romans 8:26-27

Today we continue with Saint Paul’s description of the future glory that awaits those who live the Christian life empowered by the Spirit.

Gospel – Matthew 13:24-43

Our reading today takes over from where last week’s reading ended. Recall that Jesus had just begun teaching in parables and that last week we heard the Parable of the Sower. Today we hear the Parables of the Weeds Among the Wheat, the Mustard Seed, and the Leaven. These are 3 marvelous & rich parables with inexhaustible meaning.

Weeds Among the Wheat

  • Principle: some goods would simply not exist unless paired with certain types of evil. In a higher world like heaven this principle will not hold, but here below it is simply the case. Examples: going to kindergarten or college – placed in a totally alienated environment – nervousness anxiety tension – deeper maturity, experience and ultimately joy would not be possible apart from the suffering. “Without the cruelty of the tyrant, we would not have the patience of the martyr” ~ Aquinas. Like it or not, weeds and wheat grow up together in this world. Don’t be scandalized that weeds exist.

The Mustard Seed:

  • Principle: great things comes from small beginnings in God’s providence. mighty things come in God’s providence from small beginnings. Examples: the lives of the saints. St. Francis. Humble beginning. St. Benedict. Mother Teresa. Tip = sow the seed which has been given to you to grow – let God worry about what will come about it.
    • Mustard Seed Homily from Seminary days. 3 key points: (1) mustard seed’s DNA cannot change; (2) mustard seed’s thrive in polluted areas; (3) mustard seed’s greatest power lies exactly in its weakness. Only when it breaks open in the darkness of the earth can it become a great tree.

The Leaven:

  • Principle: like the previous one of the mustard seed. Kingdom of Heaven is God’s way of ordering things. Things will get ordered in a certain way. In time it will come to effect the whole of society. One bit of yeast will give rise to whole loaf of bread – don’t worry about accomplishing great things – live right now in line with the kingdom and let God in His providence to bring it to the fullest expression.

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