1. Giving Priority to the Weekend by Fr. James Mallon

  • Father Mallon cites the 80/20 rule. The only time the priest and staff see 80% of the parishioners is on the weekend, yet typically only about 20% of a priest’s time in any given week was invested in planning, preparing, and executing weekend Masses.
  • Instead, “the priority of any parish, of any priest, ought to be about preparing for and celebrating the Sunday Eucharist to make it the best possible experience for the maximum number of people.” (p. 96) All too often, the Mass is an afterthought to everything else that has to get done during the week.
  • If the weekend is a priority, then there needs to be time for all to “gather, celebrate and connect afterwards.” (p. 96)
  • Q. Do we value meaningful and transformative celebrations of the Eucharist, or is our primary value convenient and static Mass times?
  • Q. Are we willing to change Mass times to allow for “more breathing space” between each Mass?
  • Habit of fast-track Masses (98). We have a “get it over and done with” mentality. Minimalist culture. Convenience cannot be the primary value of a healthy church.
  • Q. Priority wise, where do you feel Sunday Liturgy ranks in your parish? What evidence supports this? How supportive or resistive is your parish community to Mass times that extend over one hour? In what ways do you see the ‘minimalist culture’ reflected in your community’s expectation of Sunday Liturgy?
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